The Mind Of A Serial Killer

Apr 14
You have such a fantastic blog, you have me up all night reading! Very good Imformation, you know your stuff :)

thank you so much :) I’m glad you enjoyed it

Mar 11

'I wish my son had never been born' : Dad of Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza speaks out

The father of Sandy Hook School shooter Adam Lanza has broken his silence for the first time saying he wishes his son had never been born.

Peter Lanza dubbed the 20-year-old mass murderer “evil” and said he too would have been gunned down if he’d had the opportunity.

Lanza brutally murdered 20 children and six staff at the Connecticut elementary school in December 2012 before turning his gun on himself.

Hours before the massacre he murdered his mother, Nancy, using the firearms she had collected.

"With hindsight, I know Adam would have killed me in a heartbeat, if he’d had the chance,” Mr Lanza said.

“The reason he shot Nancy four times was one for each of us: one for Nancy; one for him; one for (his brother) Ryan; one for me.”

He said he thinks about his son and the massacre every waking hour.

Father-of-two Mr Lanza, a vice-president for taxes at a General Electric subsidiary, said he had not seen his son for two years at the time of the shooting.

He explained Adam spent his entire life troubled by mental illness and he thought his youngest boy was an undiagnosed schizophrenic.

“You can’t get any more evil. How much do I beat up on myself about the fact that he’s my son? A lot,” Mr Lanza told the New Yorker magazine.

“I do not even like to say my name.”

Mr Lanza, who divorced Nancy in 2009, said he thought his son was “a normal, weird little kid” but by the time he reached middle school “it was crystal clear something was wrong.”

"The social awkwardness, the uncomfortable anxiety, unable to sleep, stress, unable to concentrate, having a hard time learning, the awkward walk, reduced eye contact," he said.

"You could see the changes occurring."

Troubled by his son’s behaviour he took him to see numerous psychologists. As a result Adam was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome - a high-functioning form of autism.

A specialist at time wrote: “While Adam likes to believe that he’s completely logical, in fact, he’s not at all.”

Mr Lanza, who is now remarried, said he may have overlooked troubling signs himself by accepting the Asperger’s diagnosis, though he doesn’t think the condition caused the violence.

"Asperger’s makes people unusual, but it doesn’t make people like this," he said.

He also said his ex-wife didn’t detect the potential for violence.

"She never confided to her sister or best friend about being worried," he said. "She slept with her bedroom door unlocked and kept guns in the house, which she would not have done if she were frightened."

During the interview Mr Lanza refused to say where his son had been buried.

“No one knows that,” he said. “And no one ever will.”

Mr Lanza gave the interview from his new home in Fairfield County, Connecticut, surrounded by crates of what he labels “the stuff”.

Since the shootings strangers have been sending Mr Lanza letters, Teddy bears and stories with titles such as “My First Christmas in Heaven”.

He said he wanted to speak out as he “wanted people to be afraid of the fact that this could happen to them.”


Mar 6
Yeah, I saw your post on Marti; it's so horrible how she not only used children in prostitution but also sold their flesh on the black market. Georgia Tann was similar to Marti in horribleness in that Tann molested the female babies in her own black market orphanage and killed the ones that were...unfit for sale so to speak. And they both got away with it for nearly 20 years! :( Anyway,you're doing good so far on your English. :) Where are you from if you don't mind me asking? I'm from America.

I’m from an island named São Miguel, It’s in Portugal. But I’m living on the mainland now because of university.

Mar 6
That's okay, thank you for telling me your opinion. :) Good point on Ted Bundy; that's probably why he still fascinates people to this day, he was so good at charming others. That's what you would call "superficial charm" in anti-social personality disorder terms, right? For me, the scariest serial killers are Georgia Tann, Enriqueta Marti, Dean Corll, and The Toolbox Killers (Lawrence Bittaker & Roy Norris).

That’s right. From the ones you’ve mention I think I’ve only heard of Enriqueta Marti (I’ve posted about her before), but I’m curious about the others, I’ll google them. And i’m sorry if I made any speling ou grammar errors in my anwsers so far, but english is not my first language.

Mar 5
Hi! :) Thank you so much for following me back. I like your blog a lot.

hi :) thank you, I like your blog too

Mar 4

A Terrifying Glimpse Into The Mind Of A Serial Killer

Dr. Helen Morrison’s hunt for serial killers — she has interviewed 135 in total — has taken her all across the globe.

"There’s no country that’s been immune to a serial killer," The Chicago-based forensic psychiatrist told Business Insider.

Through her research, Morrison, who possesses a piece of John Wayne Gacy’s brain, aims to identify what causes a serial killer to become a serial killer and how these people develop.

But the most shocking thing is, regardless of how different their lives may be, serial killers have shocking similarities.

"No matter what country, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic background, education, familial background, they are all exactly the same," she said.

During our nearly hour-long interview with Morrison, she shed some light about how these people came to terrorize other human beings for years on end. We’ve compiled the most interesting tidbits here.

A chromosome abnormality seems to be the most likely trigger for serial killers.

A chromosome abnormality seems to be the most likely trigger for serial killers.

(Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch was convicted on a smattering of charges, inclduing 11 murders and one rape.)

A chromosome abnormality in serial killers begins to express itself during puberty, Morrison said.

Serial killers, who are mostly men, develop and begin to display their homicidal tendencies during puberty when that chromosomal abnormality expresses itself.

While researchers don’t have an exact gene identity, the fact that serial killers are men leads researchers to believe there is “a change associated with the male chromosome make up,” Morrison said.

But researchers are still investigating how the gene changes and why it does.

Most serial killers also kill their first victim during those same teen years.


But the desire to kill becomes ingrained much earlier in life.

But the desire to kill becomes ingrained much earlier in life.

(Peter Woodcock killed three young children in Toronto between 1956 and 1957)

The most difficult thing to understand is how a baby develops into a serial killer, Morrison said.

Statistically, there is no evidence that anything that happens in childhood turns people into serial killers, meaning the tendency could be deeply ingrained.

In its early stages, a baby is happy to be passed around from person to person. But at a certain point during the first of life, a baby develops attachment and becomes upset when taken away from its primary caregiver.

That attachment is a baby’s first awareness that it’s a separate being dependent on other people, Morrison said. Serial killers don’t develop that feeling and don’t see themselves as part of the world.

"Your attachment is not there and attachment is really necessary for developing a full psychology," Morrison said.

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(Source: Business Insider)

Mar 4

Lew G. Tyree Fatally Shot By Police During Knife-Wielding Rampage

A Florida man who allegedly went on a rampage was fatally shot by police after officers say he charged them with a butcher knife in one hand, and a 20-pound barbell weight in the other.

Lew G. Tyree, 41, was shot in the early morning hours of Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department said frantic phone calls from neighbors came pouring in around 5:30 a.m., after Tyree allegedly stabbed a cat, burned his own clothes, and smashed a neighbor’s window. Neighbors said Tyree was threatening them with the knife and barbell weight.

When officers arrived at the scene, they tried talking to Tyree before using a Taser on him, which did not subdue the suspect.

Spokeswoman Cristal Bermudez Nunez told the Tampa Tribune that Tyree got within five feet of three officers before they were forced to fire on the suspect.

"He was not listening to commands and he was armed with a large butcher knife and threatened the deputies," Nunez said.

Officers fired at least three rounds into Tyree.

"We heard them say ‘Get on the ground!’" 38-year-old witness Willie Fraley told the Times. "I didn’t even know it was gunshots. We came outside and there was a body on the ground."

Tyree later died at the hospital.

Neighbors of the suspect told WTSP that mental health issues may have played a role in the deadly altercation.

"It’s possible that he might have had some kind of something going on, ‘cause he seemed a little ‘off’ at times," neighbor Raymond Rivera told the station. "You know, like, not all there."

According to state records, in June 2011, Tyree faced a public nudity charge along with multiple counts of battery and obstructing an officer without violence.

Deputies Steve Gutierrez, 35, Marina Stroud, 34, and James Maiello, 25, were the officers involved in the shooting, and have been placed on paid administrative leave while the shooting is investigated.

Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee said the officers acted appropriately given the circumstances.

"They looked like they were in a position where they really had no choice," Gee said in a statement.

(Source: The Huffington Post)

Feb 27
Do you plan on updating your 'More About Me' page? I'm rather curious.... =)
— Anonymous

nop, that was another tumblr blog I had but I decided to delete it. but if you want to know anything more you can always ask.

Feb 22

Doubt Over Confessed Craigslist Killer Miranda Barbour’s Claims

Authorities have expressed doubt and skepticism over the claims of a teenager who told the Daily Item, a small newspaper in Sunbury, Pa., that she had been killing people since she was 13 as part of a satanic cult.

"As of this date, there has been no verification of any of the information that has been the subject of media coverage regarding prior acts of the defendant, Miranda Barbour," Anthony Rosini, the district attorney of Northumberland County, said in a statement today to

Any information about alleged crimes “committed in other jurisdictions has been or will be forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement agencies and the FBI for investigation,” he said.

In a jailhouse interview with a reporter from the Daily Item, Barbour, 19, said that she went on a cross-country satanic killing spree that claimed at least 22 victims, according to the newspaper.

The claim, if true, would make her a rare female serial killer.

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Feb 16

Miranda Barbour Admits To Slaying 22 People As Part Of Satanic Cult


SUNBURY, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania woman charged along with her newlywed husband in the murder of a man they met through Craigslist admitted to the slaying in a jailhouse interview with a newspaper and said she has killed more than 20 others across the country, claims police said they are investigating.

In an interview with the Daily Item in Sunbury, Pa., 19-year-old Miranda Barbour said she wants to plead guilty to killing Troy LeFerrara in November. She also said in the interview that she has killed at least 22 other people from Alaska to North Carolina in the last six years as part of her involvement in a satanic cult.

"I feel it is time to get all of this out. I don’t care if people believe me. I just want to get it out," Barbour told the newspaper for a story published Saturday night (

Sunbury police Chief Steve Mazzeo told the newspaper that investigators have been in contact with the FBI and law enforcement in several other states.

"From information we gathered and from information gathered from her interview we are seriously concerned and have been in contact with the proper authorities," Mazzeo said.

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(Source: The Huffington Post)

Feb 3
Do you really consider James Holmes a serial killer? It was just one act.
— Anonymous

I never said he was one. I know the name of the blog is “the mind of a serial killer” but it’s just the name. if you read my blog you can see I post about all kinds of killers, I’ve said this before, posting just about serial killers would be a bit limited. he is a mass murderer.

Jan 28

James Holmes, Aurora Theater Shooter, Has Private Court Hearing


CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Colorado theater shooting defendant James Holmes returns to court Monday for a closed hearing on whether he should get a second psychiatric evaluation. Holmes is charged with the July 2012 Aurora shootings that killed 12 people and injured 70. Here are five things to know about the case so far:

1. WHERE THINGS STAND: Holmes’ lawyers acknowledge he was the shooter but say he was, and still is, mentally ill. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and underwent a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation at the Colorado state hospital last summer. The findings haven’t been made public, but prosecutors want their own experts to do another evaluation, claiming the doctor who conducted the first one was biased.

2. WHAT’S HAPPENING THIS WEEK: The two sides will argue about whether Holmes should undergo another evaluation. Victims, the general public and reporters won’t be allowed to attend; the judge says publicizing the testimony could influence potential jurors and make it impossible for Holmes to get a fair trial. Witnesses will include the psychiatrist who evaluated Holmes at the state hospital.

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(Source: The Huffington Post)

Jan 4

Presumed Victim Of John Wayne Gacy Found Living In Montana


CHICAGO (AP) — A man presumed dead for decades as a potential victim of serial killer John Wayne Gacy has been reunited with his family after investigators found him alive and well in Montana.

Robert Hutton was located in April after his sister submitted his name as a possible Gacy victim, Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said Thursday. Investigators in Dart’s office collected DNA samples two years ago from the remains of eight unnamed victims in an effort to identify them.

Hutton was last heard from in 1972, when he told his mother he was traveling from New York to California. Hutton presumably passed through Chicago, where Gacy lived; Hutton fit the profile of a Gacy victim; and it was the year Gacy killed his first known victims.

Hutton, 21 at the time, was a hitchhiker who often traveled by bus and worked in construction.

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(Source: The Huffington Post)

Jan 1
What are your other interests, when not researching serial killers?
— Anonymous

well I like cinema, baking, working out, reading, going out partying, nature walks…

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